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ARTSY - Recent exhibition works available through Eleanor Harwood Gallery.

STUDIO SHOP - Original collages available direct from my studio.

Studio shop consists mainly of older works from my personal archives, such as one-offs and
experimental works from my college days.

Brand new experimental works will be made available on a biweekly basis for a temporary
low price, reverting to average pricing scales after two weeks expires, when a new
experimental work will be made available.

Free shipping on all orders over £250; use code FREESHIP at checkout.

Please contact me directly with any other enquiries.


On Wonderland & Waste, by Sandy Florian, published by Sidebrow Press. Available here.

Little Paper Planes, by Kelly Lynn Jones, published by Chronicle Books. Available here.

Juxtapoz Illustration 2, published by Gingko Press. Available here.

All images and work on this site copyright ©Alexis Anne Mackenzie.