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b. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1979.
Currently residing in Glasgow, Scotland.

BFA: Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 2003. Boston, MA.
The Aegean Center for Fine Arts, Fall 1998. Pistoia, IT & Paros, GR.


2016 Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa; endorsed by Arts Council England.
2012 Wynn Newhouse Award


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Never Odd or Even. Eleanor Harwood Gallery. San Francisco, CA. November 5 - December 17, 2016
Ghosting, Voidoid Archive. Glasgow, UK. June 2015
Multiverse. Eleanor Harwood Gallery. San Francisco, CA. February 28 - April 11, 2015
Interference. Ampersand. Portland, OR. June 3-22, 2014
Synthesis. Eleanor Harwood Gallery. San Francisco, CA. April 3 - May 10, 2014
Arrangements. Deer Run. Cambria, CA. 2013
Drift. Ampersand. Portland, OR. 2012
Head, Heart, Hands. Starter Galeria. Warsaw. 2012
Look Alive, KRETS. Malmö, Sweden. 2012
Juxtaposed in its Essence. Gallery One, Elgin, IL. 2011.
Bloom & Gloom. Swarm Gallery, Oakland. 2011.
All the Colors of the Dark, EBERSMOORE. Chicago. 2010
Dreaming Is Easy, POVevolving Gallery. Los Angeles. 2010
Never Be Sad, Park Life. San Francisco. 2009
Fool's Gold, POVevolving Gallery, Los Angeles. 2008


PULSE. With Wolfe Contemporary. Miami, FL. December 6-9, 2018
Art on Paper. With Cinders Gallery. New York, NY. Spring 2017
Art on Paper. With Eleanor Harwood Gallery. New York, NY. March 5-8, 2015
LA Art Book Fair. With Cinders Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. January 30 - February 1, 2015
Art Market SF. With Eleanor Harwood Gallery. San Francisco, CA. April 29 - May 3, 2014
CONTEXT. With Wolfe Contemporary. Miami, FL. December 3-8, 2013
NY Art Book Fair. With Ed. Varie. New York, NY. September 19-22, 2013
ArtPadSF. With Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, CA. May 16-19, 2013
Art Market SF. With Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, CA. May 17-20, 2012


Pattern / Chaos, Cinders Gallery. New York, NY. Sept 11 - Oct 12, 2015
The Duck Show. Minotaur Projects, curated by Ryan Travis Christian. Los Angeles, CA. March 28, 2015
Art for Dubai Expo 2020. Dubai World Trade Center.. Dubai, UAE. Winter 2015
Drawable, F.L.A. Gallery. Gainesville, FL. Oct 19 - Dec 8, 2013
Plant/Book Store, Ed. Varie / MOMA PS1. New York, NY. September 19-22, 2013
Future Tense, CES Contemporary. Laguna Beach, CA. June 29 - Sept 5, 2013
Dirty Fingers, Cinders Gallery / F.L.A. Gallery. New York / Florida. May 25 - June 9, 2013
Wynn Newhouse 2012 Awards Exhibition, Palitz Gallery. New York, NY. April-June, 2013.
The Diamond Sea, FFDG. October 13, 2012.
Where My Cones At, Traveling exhibition curated by Ryan Travis Christian. 2012.
November Group Show, Guerrero Gallery. November 2011.
Paper Quilt, Berkeley Art Center. October 2011.
Nothing to Say, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco. 2011.
Ah, Wilderness!, EBERSMOORE, Chicago. 2010.
Flesh and Bone, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. 2010.
Wild Card, Johalla Projects, Chicago. 2010.
Re:Form School, The Hole, New York. 2010.
Mano/Mundo/Corazón, Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago. 2010.
New Directions In Collage, NEIU Fine Arts Center Gallery, Chicago. 2010.
Group Show, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco. 2010.
Hide and Seek, KRETS Gallery, Malmö, Sweden. 2010.
Paper!Awesome!, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, San Francisco. 2010.
Mash-Up, WAS Gallery, Copenhagen, DK. 2009.
Control C, Control V, ebersb9 gallery. Chicago. 2009.
Savage Whiskers, FFDG, San Francisco. 2008.


Selfless, Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, May 2013.
Artists: Daniel Arnold, Elizabeth Huey, Senalka McDonald, Davida Nemeroff, Laura Swanson.
Immaterial, Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, June 2012.
Artists: Michelle Blade, Bryson Gill, Rachel Kaye, Sarah Thibault, Jacob Tillman.
Controlled Environments, Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, January 2012.
Artists: Kim Keever, Davida Nemeroff, Christine Nguyen, Heidi Norton, Wintergarten, Ltd.
Sight Unseen, Wolfe Contemporary. San Francisco, June 2011.
Artists: Dan Attoe, Kirsten Deirup, Shawn Kuruneru, Frank Magnotta.
Dissonance, POVevolving. Los Angeles, December 2010.
Artists: James Chronister, Shawn Kuruneru, Dominic Paul Moore,
Christopher Norris, Simone Shubuck, Jacob Tillman.

All images and work on this site copyright ©Alexis Anne Mackenzie. </